A-to-Z Signs in Norwalk CT

Signage Regulations Danbury, CT

– In South Norwalk and Rowayton, allowed 1 square foot of wall signage for every 1 foot of linear frontage of the space the tenant occupies.
– All other commercial districts; 1.5 square feet of wall signage for every 1 linear foot of frontage.
– No signs allowed in residential districts

Danbury Town Hall
155 Deer Hill Avenue
Danbury, CT

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Danbury Permit Process

the name, address, and telephone number of the property owner, owner(s) of the sign, and the sign
contractor or erector;
(2) the location of the proposed sign by street address;
(3) a drawing of the proposed sign at a scale of 1″=10′ or larger (i.e. 1″<10′) indicating all dimensions, colors,
and materials, and depicting all letters, logos, symbols, and other graphic material contained thereon;
(4) a drawing or site plan showing the location or placement of the proposed sign which shall include
elevation drawings and details of all connections, guy lines, supports, and footings, if any, and the
location and dimensions of all existing signs on the property; and,
(5) payment of all applicable permit fees.

– Tenant fitup permit required by tenant as a pre-req for any permits being issued
– Zoning permit
– Conservation Department stamp
– Tax Assessor
– Tax Department certification that landlord is current on property taxes
– Redevelopment review (if applicable)
– Building Department

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signage regulations
Sec 8-22


Link to Danbury Zoning Map