A-to-Z Signs in Norwalk CT

Signage Regulations Norwalk, CT

– In South Norwalk and Rowayton, allowed 1 square foot of wall signage for every 1 foot of linear frontage of the space the tenant occupies.
– Wall St and East Ave have their own unique requirements
– All other commercial districts; 1.5 square feet of wall signage for every 1 linear foot of frontage.
– No signs allowed in residential districts
– All ground signs require site review and signoff by the Conservation Department. (Class A survey may be required to justify setback)
– Norwalk sign license and posting a bond is required. Permits will NOT be issued without it.

Town Hall
125 East Avenue
Norwalk, CT
P&Z Hours; Monday – Friday 8AM – 11AM
Building Department; By appointment only

Norwalk CT Website

Norwalk Permit Process

1. Three original copies of the proposed signage approved by landlord.
2. Get copy of the plot plan for the facility (or class A survey for ground signs).
3. If in zip code 06854, need review/approval of Sono Redevelopment Agency
4. Town Hall, Planning & Zoning review, 2nd floor. $160 fee per sign + $60 state fee.
5. Town Hall, Tax Assessor’s office.
6. Town Hall, need certification from Tax Collector that landlord is current.
7. Town Hall, set appointment with Code Enforcement, 1st floor.
8. Fill out sign permit for building dept application (yellow form)
9. Town Hall, Bill Ireland, final review/approval. Fee is $180 per K ($80 minimum). (ground signs taller than 120″ may require engineering certification for 80 mph wind load.
10. Sign can be installed ordered/installed.
11. Town notified. They will inspect & send completed permit to tenant.

Link to town signage regulations

Link to Zoning Map