A-to-Z Signs in Norwalk CT

Signage Regulations Stamford, CT                  

– Check zoning map first. 
– No signs in residential zones
– Center city is 1:1 and requires city planner review
– other commercial zones are 2:1

Stamford Town Hall Planning and Zoning
Stamford Government Center
888 Washington Boulevard
Stamford, CT
P&Z Hours; Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 12:00PM

Stamford CT Website

In order to eliminate Building Department wait times for project plan review, commencing April 17, 2017 the Building Department will provide 30 minute scheduled appointments. If additional time is needed, a follow-up appointment can be scheduled.

To qualify for an appointment,

  • Submit a permit application in ViewPermit (online using the City of Stamford website)
  • Wait for an application acceptance confirmation email from the Building Department
  • Per the acceptance email, prior to scheduling a plan review appointment, come to the Government Center and visit all the departments (ie: EPB, Zoning, Health, Fire Marshal, Engineering and/or WPCA) that are required to give “signoffs”. To check if signoffs are required or have been received, log into ViewPermit and check the Plan Review tab. 

Prior to scheduling your appointment, please upload files in pdf format (using ViewPermit – click on the “+” in the attach files section) or forward the files to the Building Department email (BuildingDept@stamfordct.gov). If you need assistance, come in to the Building Department and we can help you.

  • A copy of your View Permit receipt (After submitting your application you will be brought to a page to review your application. On this page there will be a hyperlink named “click here” which will then allow you to print your receipt)
  • Building Department forms as follows (provided in your permit application acceptance  email):
  • Owner’s Letter
  • Non-Owner’s Application Affidavit (if you are using a contractor or if you are the applicant and not the property owner)
  • Workers Comp Affidavit
  • Certificate of Insurance Liability/Workers Compensation (if you are using a contractor). 
     This is the Accord Form.  Please make sure to check that the certificate has not expired.

To schedule an appointment, after completing the steps aboveplease stop into the Building Department office on the 7th Floor of the Government Center, call us at (203) 977-4164, or request an appointment by emailing the Building Department at BuildingDept@stamfordct.gov .  Please provide your permit application number, name, property address and email address when requesting an appointment.

When you arrive for your appointment, please bring the following:

  • A credit card or a blank check payable to the City of Stamford for the permit fees.  Your Plan Reviewer will calculate the amount you owe. 
  • The drawings should show the existing conditions (if applicable) and the proposed changes and construction.  The drawings should be drawn to scale and fully dimensional as follows:
  • Residential Kitchens and Bathrooms 1/2”=1’
  • Residential Alterations/Renovations 1/4″=1’
  • Commercial 1/8”=1’
  • Show all proposed work including (as applicable):
  • Foundation plan (walls and footings)
  • Floor plans indicating use of spaces, carrying beams, clear headroom for ceilings & beams, joist direction, size and span length
  • Dimensions of doorways, windows and stairs
  • Ceiling height for rooms, halls and stairs
  • Elevation views
  • Cross section through foundation, wall, ceiling and roof with all building components identified and sized
  • Insulation placement and type, “R” value, with Res Check or equal
  • Fire separations
  • Smoke detectors and CO detection
  • Basic information on plumbing, electrical fixtures, heating system and heat loss calculations
  • For Commercial: ComCheck reports, insulation, lighting & equipment
  • For residential energy code requirements per the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code
  • Additional information may be required.

Certification by an engineer or architect must be provided if required by Connecticut State Building Code and/or the Building Official.  For residential additions and new construction, brace wall plans must be stamped by a Connecticut Engineer or Architect.

Plan Review appointments are not necessary for the following permit types:

For these permits, apply online, obtain departmental “signoffs”, if required, and upload (in ViewPermit) or bring the required forms listed above to the Building Department.  Plans can be dropped off during normal business hours and in many instances, permits can be issued on the same day, provided that all required signoffs and forms are in order.

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Solar Panels
  • Sidewalk Patios (restaurants)
  • “Stand alone” permits that are not tied to Building Permits, as follows:
  • Plumbing (water heaters, gas lines)
  • Electrical (tele/data, low voltage)
  • Mechanical (furnace/boiler, air conditioning)

Cancellations:  If you need to cancel your appointment you can do so on the Building Department website (http://www.stamfordct.gov/buildinginspections) or by calling our office at 203-977-4164.  Cancellations must be registered in the Building Department by 1pm the day before the scheduled appointment or a charge will be assessed for the missed appointment.  Please do not leave a voicemail message, you must speak with a person to cancel.

Online permit application

Stamford Permit Process

– Tenant fitup permit required by tenant as a pre-req for any permits being issued
– go to viewmypermitct and fill out application
– app must have ORIGINAL signatures for tenant and landlord
– need owners letter signed (original signatures)
– owners affidavit must be signed/notarized
– EPB Review
– Zoning permit
– Conservation Department stamp

– Building Department
1. Completed Sign Permit Form (Attached)
2. Two sets of Plans/drawings Complying with 05 CSBC 03 IBC Appendix H Section H105 drawn to ¼ inch scale “FOR BUILDING DEPARTMENT”, that reflect all changes required by other department approvals, (these are in addition to copies that other departments may require).Set must include Site plans.
a. Comply with 05 CSBC 03 IBC Appendix H Section H105.6 Drawings must show method of attachment to structure.
b. Shop Drawings of sufficient detail of cabinet/letter to show compliance with 05 CSBC 03 IBC Appendix H Section 106.1.1 for internally illuminated signs. 
3. Owners Certification Form (Attached or printed as page two (2) of permit application receipt ) section 123.5 of Stamford code of ordinance form
4. Workman’s Compensation Certificate- this form must have signature(s) notarized.
5. An Accord form verifying Contractor’s Workman’s compensation policy and expiration date.
6. Affidavit Form: Pursuant to 05 CSBC-03 IRC Section R105.1.1 and the provisions of section 20-338b of the Connecticut General Statues if an application for building permit is made by a person other than the owner in fee, it shall be accompanied by an affidavit of the owner or a signed statement of the applicant.
(Attached is an Affidavit Form that will need to be submitted (Notarized) as part of the application packet.)
7. If sign is Electric: State if you are or are not installing/relocating or resetting sign ( if YES an electrical permit is REQUIRED- Please have Electrician reference your TB# in the description of work)
NOTE: If an electrical permit is required and no permit is taken out an investigation fee will be imposed
8. A Check for any additional fees that may be required after plan review.

The above documents, except drawings (these must be submitted on hard copy to scale), can be scanned and attached to an E-Mail for inclusion to the application file in View Permit if you desire.

WHEN ALL THE ABOVE DOCUMENTS AND DEPARTMENTAL APPROVALS are completed you can come into the Building Department office for Plan Review.
Plan review hours are from 8:00AM to 11:00 AM Monday thru Friday (first come first served).
You can follow your applications progress by logging into View Permit and checking its status. 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Link to town signage regulations
Section 13-1 (Near bottom of document)

Link to Stamford Zoning Map

Link to Stamford Sign Application Packet